Welcome to my humble abode!

Before jumping in, I wanted to let you know why I created this weirdly named website. Do you want to hear the fun reasons first, or jump right into the boring stuff?! Okay, let’s start with the fun stuff: Why Passiön’s Fruit?

Well, first off, the passion fruit is probably my favorite fruit of all the many ones that I am devouring on a daily basis. Fruit(s) are pretty amazing (and healthyay) in general, but that fruit, well, it has a special place in my heart. And what’s even cooler, it goes by many different names. Its common name in Ecuador and Brazil is Maracuya, Parcha in Venezuela, Lilikoi in Hawaii, and Chinola or Parchita in Puerto Rico. The Germans also use the common name: Maracuja. As a half German half American breed, I use a slightly altered version: passiön fruit – dedicating the Umlaut to my country of origin. What you will also realize throughout browsing this site is that I looooove word puns, to the corny and embarrassing extent. I will giggle inside at the face of a bad pun, no matter how dumb it might be. It is part of my humor, and if you do not want to deal with it, it’s probably best for your own sanity to just leave the page now, before it is too late.

I see you are still here, and are keeping on reading. That’s unexpected… and nice of you!  So, let me elaborate further about the name of this site. What I think is especially cool about a passiön fruit, is that it has the word “passiön” in its name, and booyah, I am a big big girl in a big big world (great song!), and also a big fan of people who are passionate about something, and hence not afraid to be different. Passiöns are the essential things that make life meaningful, and everybody who follows their core passiöns consistently, will sooner or later feel in tune with themselves, and happy with their life. Pretty simple, uh? Of course, it is not that simple, in this chaotic world, where everybody and their mother and father try to tell you things you should believe or not believe, pursue or not pursue, and that’s exactly why I think more people need to find a way to live their true passiöns. I can only lead by example, so this is why I decided to start following my original passiöns from teenager age again – one of them is reading, and the other one is writing. Tadaaa! And this is what I will be doing on this beautiful blog called “Life Log”. And I would like you to do the same: (Re)discover and earn the fruit of your passiön all over again. We all have these essential needs and wants broiling inside us, and we all have different ones, but what unifies us all is that the energy and the happiness that we gain as the fruit of our passiön are irreplaceable – it is the storming force that will put a bright smile on our faces, at the beginning and end of each day. So, let’s not only think or talk about it, but get to it !

But before we do that (sorry to hold your horses this time), the other component to what makes us truly unique as a species (besides our passiöns) is our compassiön, which to the end of days, will remain one of the distinctive traits of humans (versus robots and machines) to feel the pain or happiness of other humans. So, while following our passiöns and possibly impassioning others, let’s not forget to be compassionate with others as well, as every action we take or word we say (especially a passionate one) may have an impact on somebody else, who is either not on our level of (com)pässion or even wave length. The only way to get to their level, if we decide we want or need to do so, is to use our compässion and empathy or emotional intelligence to tune our approach to them. Let’s be mindful of that as well, but let this also not stop us in going after what makes us truly happy !

Concluding this introduction and bearing in mind the risk that this might just get lost in the masses of websites and blogs out there, you can find the three key reasons why I gave birth to this site. In summary, I would like to…

  • create a transparent outlet for my creative thinking and writing
  • participate in an online course on “Understanding Customer Experience” #uce72
  • inspire other humans with secret (writing) passions to take that leap of faith

Looking forward to share my thoughts with you, and get your feedback on them, in the next months and years to come! It will be real, that’s all I can promise for now.

Until soon,

Your Julie